Solicitor School First Cohort

Solicitor Summer School

At BMD LAW we have always been committed to being open to Law graduates and students undertaking work experience with us.

Work experience is, let’s be honest, a little boring. Shadowing a non-contentious lawyer who just sits at a desk either on a computer or telephone can get a bit tiresome unless they are really fabulous at narrating their every action and thought process. So, this summer we decided to do something a little different.

We had six applications for a vacation placement, so we opted to take all six. At the same time. In the same small department. Some said we were crazy for our lofty plans, but we love to innovate. Our senior partner Bernadette McDonald explains

“During my MBA I became interested in operationalising some informal learning techniques, namely action learning and collaborative reflective practice. I was fortunate that my research in this area was welcomed and I have been able to deliver papers in international conferences detailing my findings. It seemed only natural to use those findings and the frameworks I had developed to put together a weeklong bootcamp of interactive experiential learning”

Thus, the BMD LAW Solicitor School was developed. Our six brave students worked as a new ‘department’ and saw a complete conveyancing sale and purchase through, from interviewing the client to having documents signed ready to exchange, and everything in between. They also sat in on interviews, being responsible for note taking and drafting attendance notes. In between structured tasks they had time set aside for collaborative reflection, a directed process to enable the articulation of tacit learning. The group bonded and worked as a team. They reported that in addition to learning some technical legal skills, they had also learned social skills, negotiation, teamwork and the importance of managing client relations.

The interactivity had reinforced learning and the reflectivity had enabled then to understand what they had learned. The high energy and positivity was infectious and we are sure that it will not be long before we hear great things about our first Solicitor School graduates