Liverpool Solicitors Chambers

First Liverpool Solicitors Chambers to open in historic change to legal services

Exciting changes are coming

From 25th November 2019 the rules governing how solicitors’ practice will change and for the first time solicitors will be able to practice as freelancers and be engaged directly by the public rather than as part of an authorized legal practice. This will pave the way for new innovative ways to practice flexibly and in response to what the public want and need. It is anticipated that whilst there may be an instant demand for solicitors wanting to leave their current positions and enjoy working for themselves without the red tape of setting up an authorized legal practice, it may well be that there is some trepidation of entering the unknown.

Here at BMD LAW we are committed to innovative legal solutions and are passionate about personal professional development. Our Senior Partner Bernadette McDonald is to create a chambers model whereby individual freelance solicitors group together and share office facilities in a busy high street location. Bernadette explains

“I remember how unnerving it can be to start a firm and I wish to support those starting out on their own. I can offer premises, whether a permanent office or hot desk, meeting and conference facilities and support, both practical and legal. With in-house marketing, IT and accountancy services we can make taking the step towards independence easier. I also think it would be great for my existing client base and prospective clients to be able to have easy access to a wide variety of legal practitioners under one roof”

Bernadette has received a number of applications to join and is actively seeking further chamber members. For a confidential discussion please contact Bernadette by email or by telephone on 0151 722 8004.