As solicitors we get asked this question a lot. Because having a Will can be so important, we address the question with clients as often as possible. Financial advisors are obliged to recommend a Will. It is literally that important. But why?

Everyone knows that a Will's purpose is to say who will get your belongings when you pass away but for some categories of people it is more important than that :-

1. Just married? Any earlier Will is now revoked, so that specific gift you wanted will not be made

2. Just remarried? If you die your new spouse will inherit most, if not all of your estate. This may sound ok but what if you already have children? Did you mean to disinherit them?

3. Have children? You should consider a formal guardianship clause to specify who and how you wish your children to be raised and a trust for your estate proceeds to be used to fund raising them or invested for their future.

4. Married with children? You assume your spouse will inherit but that's ok because you assume that they will ensure that the estate eventually passes to your children. But what happens if you remarry in the meantime and something happens to them? Their new spouse may get everything and your children may accidentally be disinherited.

5. Do you know the total value of your estate? Did you include life policies that you may not have written in trust that will be automatically paid to your estate? It's very easy to exceed the inheritance limit with current property prices. If your estate is mainly bricks and mortar, or the family home, how would your family pay the tax due? Would you want them to have to sell the family home?

6. Concerned about care home fees? This is becoming an increasing concern with local authorities dictating that residential care is necessary and expensive and then placing a charge on the property to cover those fees or part thereof.

7. Cohabiting? The law won't take account of the relationship and there is no automatic right to inherit. If your partner has lived with you for many years would you want to see them forced out of the home?

All of these examples are real issues, and they are not the only ones. We could go on and on. Each of these potential problems are very easily avoided with a professionally drawn Will. The cost of wills start at only £120 and can be easily and quickly prepared either at our offices, your home or wherever you feel comfortable. We understand that talking about your Will is like going to the dentist, no one enjoys it but prevention is better than cure and your family deserves the protection a Will offers them.

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