Property Services

At bmd:law property is our passion. Property is the heart of everything bmd:law does. We go beyond conveyancing. This is some of what we can do to help you.


From the outset we understand that once you have found a buyer you will want to complete quickly. We do that in many ways. We ensure that we get the protocol documents to you as fast as possible and if necessary arrange appointments for you to come to attend our offices and complete them in person. Because we know what the buyer’s solicitor will look for in the title pack, we tell them from the beginning to save time. As soon as we can, we set a tentative completion date to focus everyone’s mind. We don’t avoid Estate Agents, in fact we keep them updated as much as we can to ensure the we keep everyone ‘on point’ . You can trust us with your sale.


From chains to repossessions and plot sales we are focused and determined to complete your purchase as quick as possible. Whilst the national average transaction takes twelve to fourteen weeks our average is a mere five weeks and our quickest completion is around two weeks. We do that by focusing on you. We don’t take work from management companies who believe quality is the opposite of quantity. We don’t buy work from Estate Agents, we are recommended. We work for you not a referral company. We nominate you a conveyancer, a solicitor who supervises the conveyancer and an assistant to keep you updated at all times. This means that your file is constantly and continually moving towards a completion. Experience shows us that being a faceless file number picked up by anyone in a large team is no good, as is having just one person who knows your file. We found that three is the magic number. Your file moves quicker and you can be confident that you will always know what’s happening. When we have gone through searches and enquiries we will report to you in person or by post whichever you prefer so that you can be confident in your purchase at all of the financial and legal implications of it.

Transfers of Equity

Adding or taking someone on or off the title of the property? There can be many reasons for this from separation or divorce to a new partner or for tax reasons. For whatever reason we can help quickly. The easiest thing is to come and ask us about your particular circumstances and we can plan a best result for you.

Investment Property

You may have a property that you can’t sell or don’t want to sell or a large portfolio. You may be planning a new investment hobby or be looking to get on the property ladder and invest in property to make profit. Whichever these apply we can help you. We can help with purchase, refinancing, transferring or the restructuring of investment property. We are experienced in acting for developers in the acquisition, development and subsequent disposal of plot developments. We can also help you manage the investment property with our Landlord Angel legal service.

Commercial Property

We deal with all aspects of commercial property from purchase or sale of commercial units, granting and transferring of leases through to development land, planning, road adoptions and stopping up and investment property. With bmd:law you have the benefit of city expertise without the price tag. If you are planning to acquire property for the purposes of development call Bernadette to discuss.

Mortgage Panel Work

We are able to assist if your chosen solicitor cannot undertake the mortgage aspect of the transaction. This is a common occurrence with solicitors being required to be on lenders panels. It is not unusual for your solicitor to not be on a particular panel, and this is often not a reflection on the solicitor themselves. We act for several local firms who are unable to undertake panel work. If this applies to you, please ask your solicitor to call Bernadette to see if we can help.


All our property work is fixed fee. You can use our calculator for simple sales and purchases or you can call to discuss any more unusual or complicated matters. We are always up front about fees and we do not believe in hiding any other fees. If you wish to discuss any aspect of how we calculate our costs or if you think the cost calculator does not apply to your particular circumstance, we are always happy to talk to you.