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We understand that dealing with a Will, Power of Attorney or bereavement is very difficult and we do everything we can to make it a little bit easier.


Whilst this might not be the most exciting thing you can do today, it is one of the most important. Dealing with your Estate in the event of your death, ensures that your loved ones are catered for, especially if you have young children and eases the burden on those you are leaving behind at a time when they need the legalities of property and money to be easy. We make drafting your Will simple. A simple set of questions, a short appointment and a draft can be produced for you to approve. Once properly executed we can hold the original Will for you. The price starts at only £100.00 plus VAT, for your Will and free storage it makes sense to deal with this today.
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Probate is what lawyers refer to as the process of administration and estate, whether under the terms of a Will or in the absence of a Will under the terms of law. In either case, either the Executor of the Will or the person entitled to a Grant usually the next of kin, has the legal burden to administer the Estate i.e. call in the assets, pay off the debts and deal with distribution including transfer of any real property. Whilst this is not always a legally complicated procedure, it is fraught with some logistical and technical difficulty and many prefer to let qualified experienced solicitors to take the strain. With our low fee structure and easy access we are more than happy to help you. For any queries, please contact Bernadette or email on

Probate fees are based on two elements

i. Hourly rate.
This will depend on who has undertaken the work
Partner £200 p/h plus vat
Assistant with 10+ years experience £100 p/h plus vat
Assistant with less than 10 years experience £50 p/h plus vat
Our aim is always to use the fee earner who is capable but who’s rate is the lowest so to keeps costs down. We are happy to discuss this with you further
We aim to update you monthly on the work undertake

ii. Uplift.
This is a maximum of 1.5% of the estate value

It is not always possible to give an accurate total cost at the outset as we would not know the deceased’s individual circumstances ie how many bank accounts to collect, payments to make etc.