Family Law

We can provide specialist expert advice relating to divorce and disputes relating to children. We know that going through divorce or having to deal with issues involving your children will be very stressful for you and it may be one of the worst things that you have ever had to face. We will always treat you with understanding and try to make the process as straightforward as possible. Above all, we will be there to help you. We truly believe that the knowledge that you have the support of a firm of solicitors that has the experience and skill to protect your interests will help you at a difficult time. Please see the free appointment information below.

Divorce proceedings

We can provide representation throughout the course of divorce proceedings, whether you are the Petitioner (the party taking the proceedings) or the Respondent (the party against whom the proceedings have been issued). Divorce is usually fairly straightforward if dealt with properly. We would normally charge about £500 and vat for dealing with a divorce for the Petitioner and less than this for the Respondent. If complications arise, then the costs can be higher. Normally the complications do not arise. Court fees also have to be paid by the Petitioner in most cases and the fee currently stands at £550. An application can be made for a full or a partial exemption from the fee, dependent upon the Petitioner’s financial position. Sometimes, the legal fees and the court fee can be recovered against the Respondent.

Financial and property issues on divorce

Issues relating to finances and property can range from being very simple to resolve to being quite difficult. We try to keep things simple where we can. Most cases are not that complex and we know that you will want to achieve a fair outcome without incurring more solicitors’ fees than is really necessary. Sometimes, the only asset to deal with is the family home, but in other cases there are assets such as pensions, savings, second properties, endowment policies and business interests that need to be considered. It may be that one party has a greater income than the other or better prospects We can advise you with regard to all assets and issues in a straight-forward way. Most people will be worried about our legal costs for dealing with these issues and you probably will be. It would be surprising if you were not! The costs depend upon the amount of work carried out and if agreement can be reached at any early stage then the costs will be much lower that would be the case if court action in needed to resolve the issues. We always take this account and bear this in mind when we advise you. We encourage negotiations and will refer you to a mediator in appropriate cases (as many are) who will try to arrange to meet with you and your spouse to discuss issues amicably with a view to reaching an agreement. We are able to provide high quality advice and representation whether the issues are simply or difficult and whether it is just a matter of obtaining a court order dealing with the issues by agreement or having to go through contested court proceedings. If all you need is a court order dealing with the terms that you have already agreed between your spouse and yourself then we can deal with this. In most cases as well as setting out the terms agreed, the order will contain what is known as “clean break provisions” which would prevent one party making any claims against the other in the future (except for claims relating to children). Our costs will usually be about £500 and vat for dealing with the obtaining of such an order. If agreement is reached following correspondence and negotiations, then the costs will be higher, but not necessarily much higher – it depends upon how much work has been required. If contested court action is needed, then the costs can be much higher.


We can provide expert detailed advice to a parent with regard to the arrangements relating to his or her children. Out of all the areas that the law covers, this is amongst the ones that can cause the most real distress to parents and even to children. That’s not always the case, of course. Sometimes, a letter to a spouse or ex-partner relating to children is all that is needed. If a letter doesn’t achieve the desired result or a letter’s not appropriate, then mediation may be a good idea. Mediation often results in agreements relating to children and we can advise regarding this and make a mediation referral. An application can be made to the court if the issues cannot be resolved by agreement and we can represent you throughout the course of the proceedings, whether the issues simply involve dealing with the length of time that children are with one parent and the other and there are no concerns relating to the children’s safety, or whether there are such concerns. We are able to deal with cases in which there are real concerns involving the psychiatric or psychological state of a parent and where there are violence, drugs or alcohol issues and we can organise expert reports when this is appropriate. The legal costs will, of course, be based upon what you need us to do. There may be aspects of the case that you can deal with yourself and you may only wish us to advise at certain stages. We can tailor our services to fit you requirements. We can discuss the issues and the costs at an initial free appointment if you wish to do so.

Free appointment

You may have initial questions and you may want to ask these face to face. We would be happy to provide you with an initial free 30 minute no obligation appointment. At the appointment you will be talk to a member of our staff who will be extremely experienced in dealing with family law.